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Final Fantasy Type 0 HD | Don’t Know What’s Happening But I’m Liking It!

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Today I bring you another Final Fantasy game, I bring to you one that makes part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, the one where you can insert Final Fantasy XIII and XV, although I was never able to understand the relation between those, but yet again, I never played Final Fantasy XIII to the point of getting anything concrete about the story and I didn’t play this one until the end. The only one I played in its totality was Final Fantasy XV and I can’t really understand how it relates with Final Fantasy XIII! Yes, the best game reviewer ever… I know 😀 As I told you, I’m reviewing a game I still didn’t end, so I’m sorry if I am not able to pass the story that well, but I think I can manage it, by the end of the day, in few words I would say I don’t understand anything what’s happening, but I’m liking it! So let’s start it!


The Story:

The game takes place in the world of Orience, which is divided into four nations blessed with Crystals. Our playable characters all make part of Class Zero, a class of Fourteen Agito Cadets from Akademeia (Such originality with the name). Basically this class is an elite class and they are the best of the best. This class was originated with 12 of them, but then you have 2 more that came from another class and were able to transfer to this elite class.


There is no explanation what so ever where do come from these 12 people, you only know that from the beginning they were trained to fight and to be the best, moreover you know that there is a scientist at the school who they call mother, so I don’t know, but they may have been created, or experimented with a sort of thing, but everything is a huge secret, even for the player, although I think that they will sooner or later explain everything. Akademeia is the magic academy (Again, such inspiration, such creativity) of the Dominion of Rumbrum, one of the four nations of Orience. This is a fighting school (Final Fantasy VIII anyone?) and the cadets are tasked to fight against the Militesi Empire and ultimately win the war that has been fought since forever.  Why is there a war you ask? No idea… Why are we putting teenagers fighting instead of grown men? I don’t really know… Probably it was explained at some point but the explanations are not given that directly making them confusing and it’s hard to sort the story out.

From the bat, you will follow a cadet that wants to help the most he can and ends up dying in battle. Class Zero is able to save the capital of Rubrum from being conquered by the Militesi Empire, but all the areas outside the capital fall under imperial occupation. Due to their success class Zero is finally acknowledged and enrolled in Akademeia, moreover they are given two new members – Rem and Machina.


From here you get a bunch of quests to conquer and reclaim the lost areas. However, the task appears to be way more difficult than initially thought since the Militesi Empire was able to develop new weapons of mass destruction under the leading of Cid Aulstyne, the marshal. Never the less, you end up being able to conquer some towns bit by bit. The war continues with the empire being able to get more and more power, Cid was able to enslave the White Tiger Crystal and this way use its l’Cie as he wants (here is the connection with Final Fantasy XIII, the l’Cie… But that’s all? Tell me in the comment if you know!).

So, basically you will follow the course of the war and fight for your own faction. There is not that much to it than that. The pace is also not really that good since most of the times you don’t really understand what is happening… You just get a new mission, do it and well, you will see that they are fighting yeah, but… For a plot that is a little shallow don’t you think?


This way, of course they have the plot for the characters… Again, there is not that much information, but you can understand that the Class Zero is in fact special and it takes you to a time that you start getting suspicious if they are in fact human… Well, I still don’t know! 😀 Other thing is about the two new members that came from another class. Both of them were friends with the character you see dying in the beginning and they resent Class Zero for that. The game starts to indicate that they are there to sabotage, but again, little is explained and you can only understand it by doing the sub quests between the main missions. What are they in fact trying to do I still don’t know and if I did I wouldn’t tell you because I always try not to spoil 😛

Resuming, the story is not great and way more difficult to understand than it should. The game specialized more into the gameplay and in the missions and since this game was originally launched to PSP it does make sense to me.

That pretty sums it up

Arthifis from the future here: I completely forgot to mention that this is one of the darkest stories in the Final Fantasy series. It dwells a lot about death (I mean they are at war, so it’s normal people end up dying). However, here it’s a little different when someone dies… People will just forget about that person even existed, so they have a huge database with all people who died in battle so people who lost their friends/family are able to sort of remember them! It’s an intriguing part and the highlight of the story (at least for me).

The Characters:

As I said, you have 14 different characters in the team… The ones that are most focused are Ace, Remi and Machina, but all the other characters have their own side quests and you can play with all of them. Everyone has their own personality and design, so it’s really easy to understand which character is which, the names in the other hand are way difficult to know… because of the names themselves! LOL So they were able to do the great accomplish of putting 14 characters together and each of them be totally recognizable, but well, didn’t go the best way with the names.


Apart the 2 members that were not originally from Class Zero (Remi and Machina) the rest of them have Card names… Yes, Card names! So, basically you will have Ace, Deuce, Trey, Cater, Cinque, Sice, Seven, Eight, Nine, Jack, Queen and King… Yes, I’m not kidding, understand now why is hard to know whose name is who? I mean most of those names are numbers! Besides Ace, Jack, Queen and King that are easy to insert in your brains the others take a little time to remember, or at least to connect the right name with the right character. Don’t forget that you start with these 14 characters, so A LOT of information.

giphy (2)giphy (3)tumblr_nlmmu0W8e91s2wenvo1_540tumblr_nlmmu0W8e91s2wenvo5_540tumblr_nlmmu0W8e91s2wenvo2_540

But, apart the names, it’s amazing how they were able to put 14 teens inside a class and each of them having their own personality and design to the point of being really easy to know which one is who. However, since there are so many characters I’m afraid that when it comes to the main plot most of them end up being in the shadows.

The gameplay:

This is where the game really shines and makes the game so much fun.

First of all, let me say it’s an action RPG. That being said and since I just talked about the characters I’m going to start this part addressing that each character uses their own weapons and have their fighting style. So, you have 14 characters and they developed 14 unique fighting styles that are completely different from each other! You have close and long-range, slow but strong, or fast but weaker, more into magic, more into physical… Basically you will find the character that works the best for  you… You know… Because they have all the fighting styles. However, this also brings to another point that is not that positive, you probably will just focus in one or two characters making them overpowered while the others stay in low-level. For me it was Eight.


Being an action RPG it is super important that the controls work well and are responsive, well you can rest reassured because they are. I didn’t find the game that hard to master, but they made it really fun to play with their deathblows. Basically a deathblow is an attack that kills the monster in one attack (see it like a critical hit), but for that you need to attack at the right moment. This makes you to take really close attention to your enemies, understand their movements and know when to attack at the right moment.


Being a game thought for a portable system is normal that the game is made to have to be by missions. Think about it, you are in a trip to work, do a couple of missions and then just save and turn off the PSP when you arrive. Moreover it is done in a way that you will need to replay the game. Between every main mission you have a certain number of time. This time is spent by taking missions, going to the world map or taking special campaigns that are more complicated than a normal quest which takes more time in-game and in real life 😛 This adding to only being able to have one quest activated each time the game makes you to go to the World Map a lot of times (there are monsters or events that only appear when you undertake the quest) making you waste a lot of time. This way you are not able to do all the side quests in one go.


Other thing that shows that the game was made for you to play it more than once is the level of the side quests, the game will give you quest with a higher level than you are meant for when you are playing the game for the second or third time… Of course, being compulsive with doing 100% I’m those kind of guys that will take the quest non the less and take hours to be able to finish… Remember even if the monsters are in a lvl where they can kill you in one strike if you manage to dodge at the right moment and attack in the right moment you are able to kill them. It’s an action RPG!!! However it is due to this that I stopped the game… I’m trying to finish a side quest that is 20 lvls (or more) higher than my characters’ level and well, I’m not being able to do it ahah

You have two type of quests. The ones that I would call “normal” where you need to go a certain place, kill some monsters or pick something and then you have the strategical ones. Here you will have a map with some cities. Normally one is in your side and the others are taken by the Empire, your objective is to conquer the other cities by deploying units from one place to another. It’s easy to get the gist of it, but they can be hard since if you fail doing the strategy to win from the beginning can just translate that you will not pass the mission. However, both of them tend to be really fun due to the mechanics of the game.


In conclusion, it’s a pretty fun game to play due to its mechanics and all the types of fighting you can try. Although it may start to feel a little boring if you are not the only taking quests for the sake of it player. However, the side quests that only takes you to talk with someone and see a small cutscene are insightful and show you a small bit of each character!

Graphics + Music:

Yes, I’m addressing both of them in the same “part” of the review. That’s only because I never have too much to say about it ahah

For the graphics, to a game that came out for PSP and then had a HD remastered for PS4 (where I’m playing), XBox and Windows it’s fairly good. No, it does not have the graphics of a game that just came out yesterday, but it isn’t an eye sore. I would say that is something in PS3 graphics level 😛


However, they did slack a little bit with the world environment. You have caverns, cities (and I think that’s all?) where you do the side quests, even though the maps and the disposition of things change, all of them seem to have the same design, so it ends up growing a little boring… I would have liked to have a little more of variety in this. Regarding the characters as I told you before, I think they did a great job, all of them have their own details and you can see the work of the developers put on making the characters different from each other. Regarding the school which is completely different from the rest of the map, I think they did a pretty good job with the building itself. I really liked the dimension of it and how it was designed!


About the OST, as last one, since it’s not a main game, the OST is more limited, but overall it’s pretty good! Although I think they have the worst music I ever heard in the game! Let me first share with you my favourite (Mobile readers can see it here):

And the worst thing I ever heard, like my hears started aching because of this, the japanese version is not bad though!!! (Mobile readers can hear it here):

And that’s all! Overall the game is really fun to play and I will end it… One day! 😛 It’s a bummer that the main story is not that interesting… Or understandable, I mean at least until the point I’ve reached, but the truth is, you end up falling for each character and at least one of them will resonate with you since they are all so unique. Also, the gameplay is really enjoyable and it’s fun just to experiment all the fighting types and try to master them all!

I give Final Fantasy Type 0 HD 4 Cater out of 5 Cinque!

Have you played Final Fantasy Type 0? Tell me in the comments what do you think about it! If not, are you thinking on giving it a go? 😀 I always love to read your thoughts so don’t be shy!!! If you don’t really have anything to mention, well I hope you at least had fun reading it eheh (I mean I just gave you the best music EVER! The singers were so in tone and worked well with each other…. Just saying!)


See You Soon! 😀


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