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Welcome to My Place | Sims 4 Edition

Hi everyone and welcome to my place! This time Sims 4 edition!

Just to give a little of background I, from time to time, come back to Sims and build a house. As you may already know I really like architecture and interior decorating and I use Sims to make something in those bases without wasting tons of money 😛 So what happened was that I came back to Sims 4 in these past 2 weeks and build a house that is inspired in my dream house and well, when I finished I though “Let me just throw this to the internet and make a house tour” and that’s why this post is currently online 😛

Without further ado, here’s my latest Sims 4 house. For mobile users you can watch it here:

And that’s it! To be honest the sound was way better than I was expecting and maybe, just maybe I will start to make so gameplay or something like that on Youtube or Twitch… But first I need to think how am I going to have the time for it xD

Tell me in the comments if you liked the video and… Well the house! 😛 Your feedback is super important to see if I’m doing a decent job or not eheh Also comment down below what is your dream house! I would love to know (and get some ideas) 😀


See You Soon! 😀

4 thoughts on “Welcome to My Place | Sims 4 Edition”

  1. Can I come over and use the bathroom at your place? I really like that view, you know, for pooping. I promise I’ll use poo’puri!

    This was entertaining and I loved the house. I will be honest, I skipped a minute ahead three or four times to get to the next part of the house, but you kept my attention for the most part, so good job!

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    1. You are completely free to come! And don’t worry! I’ll have a bottle waiting for you 😀

      Thanks a lot for the feedback… And the honesty! I’m glad that you founf it enjoyable and yeah… I know there are some parts that I really need to work on so I can get the attention of the viewers 100% xD Again, thank you for the feedback will take what you said into account for the next videos I record ^^

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