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It Seems I Didn’t Do Everything To Enter the Brotherhood Last Time…

Oopsie daisy! This post is no longer here! You can read it at our new place Anime Shelter here!

9 thoughts on “It Seems I Didn’t Do Everything To Enter the Brotherhood Last Time…”

    1. I still have to grab one of those! 😛 Yeah, I also loved her at the Oscars with Amy Poehler and of course we can’t forget about Mean Girls! 😀 I’ve also never laughed so much in a movie featuring parties as the one she wrote and acted alongside Amy 😀

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  1. Ha ha ha! Welcome to the brotherhood! I did question why a member was being invited again but now I understand!

    Never heard of Tina Fey but that’s good because it means another person to check out and see what they’re like!

    Being able to do multiple things is great and that is indeed so unnoteworthy to be noteworthy!

    Dancing and singing is both great things to have that I can’t do either, to my credit I just do random (stupid) things while dancing and nobody seems to question it. I never really noticed it until recently but a lot of people are in the same boat about dancing and you can spot it fairly well. I think it’s better to just do whatever and just not care about looking like an idiot, you’ll be surprised by how much people copy the stupidest thing!

    That job sounds great!

    I got so excited by reading your story, it was so good! I really like the idea of welcoming the newbie and then suddenly realizing that something is very wrong and you get orders from him straight away! It really hooked me and was so entertaining.

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    1. Thank you for the initiation ahah ❤

      Glad you liked my little story eheh I was a little nervous since it's something I don't normally do ahah xD

      Probably it's normal that you don't know her. From what I can see she prefers to stay low and be in the behind scenes 😛

      Ahahah! Same! 😀 In fact, people always say that I have the moves and that I dance well… But, most of the time I'm just doing what comes to my mind in the moment 😀

      Yeah, it's good! Although it's slowly getting less exciting. But, well… I think I'm like that with everything –'

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