11 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes Tag | First Day: Do It Yourself”

  1. Great quote Art-san!
    And no issues on the -nii LOL I wanted to be a guy when I was younger…
    It’s still embarrassing haha. /that you call me nee LOL not wanting to be a boy.

    Also, that’s a quote to put up as a motto for something!

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  2. Great quote: and it’s really true as well. If you just put your mind to it,you can really achieve quite a few things you might not have even thought of being capable of. But…in order to do things right yourself, you sometimes might need some help from a friend as well. 😊

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    1. Look at you all tech savy writing in bold in the comments and all 😀
      Completely agree with you! Sometimes you Do need a friend to be able to accomplish things! 🙂 I’m all aboard and defend with everything I have that team work is the best way to create the best work 😛

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  3. Great quote!! 😊 Something I defiantely agree with – if you want to achieve something, just go and give it a shot, you never know what you achieve right :’)

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