9 thoughts on “To Zombie Or Not To Zombie? There is No Question!”

  1. I think if a zombie outbreak would happen it would be more like 28 Days. Fast acting disease that initially might be able to be quarantined but sooner or later will spread.

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    1. I just went and google 28 Days and I found a comedy movie ahah But I was able to find the movie, it’s 28 Days later xD Still didn’t see that one, but I’m surely will this weekend eheh Maybe it will change my perspective on this

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  2. Humans are smart? Some of the comments I read on YouTube make me think otherwise haha. I agree that in real life a zombie outbreak wouldn’t be a threat in first world nations.

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    1. Ahahahah!!! Well not everyone can be the brightest of the pack xD But let’s say that they are at least a little bit smarter when compared to zombies… I hope? I still have a little bit of faith in humanity, but yet again, I don’t go to the Youtube comment section so I can preserve this hope xD

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