31 thoughts on “Big… Small… Ok! MEDIUM Life Update – Semi-Hiatus & Secret Project Revealed”

    1. Yeah, they are! I only need that this event day passes so I can be a little less tired when I get home from work! 😛 I really need to come back to Discord -.-” We’ll try my best to be around there more!

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    1. Thank you Karandi! 😀 I do hope so! In work is going more or less well, not as good as I wanted to be honest, but well, will continue to do my best ahah


  1. Oh wow Art-san! Lots of changes~
    Congrats on the Portugese Anime Website and hope the event is a GREAT success!!
    The collab, I’ve already expressed my thoughts on that…
    And episodic reviews!
    Woah, you just picked a crazy burden up! Good luck and looking forward to that too!

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    1. Oh thank you so much Auri-nee! ^.^ I do hope so to! At least I’m working my best to happen that way xD
      Well, I’m just going to cover one Anime ahah not more than that at least for now xD

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