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My TOP 10 Video Games

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 🙂

It’s time to wrap up my Top 10 Video Games series and give you the links to all my reviews of it! 😀 I know, I know, I’ve finished the top sometime ago, but hey! I procrastinated ok? xD

So here you have it:

10. Mafia

Top 10 Video Games Mafia.jpg


9. Final Fantasy XII

Top 10 Video Games Final Fantasy XII.jpg

8. Persona 3

Top 10 Video Games Persona 3.jpg

7. Rift

Top 10 Video Games Rift.jpg

6. Age of Mythology

Top 10 Video Games Age of Mythology.jpg

5. Final Fantasy X

Top 10 Video Games Final Fantasy X.jpg

4. Warcraft 3

Top 10 Video Games Warcraft 3.png

3. Persona 5

Top 10 Video Games Persona 5.jpg

2. Dragon Age: Origins

Top 10 Video Games Dragon Age Origins.jpg

1. Final Fantasy 7

Top 10 Video Games Final Fantasy 7.jpg

And that’s all! If you want to read any of my reviews to these awesome Video Games you just have to click in each title and you will be sent to my review of the designated Video Game! 😀

What do you think of this list? Comment down below what are your favorite Video Games from all time!

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See You Soon! 😀

26 thoughts on “My TOP 10 Video Games”

  1. I loved FFXII ! The 3rd or 2nd Final Fantasy game I played and actually finished. I love the characters, the story, the world and the gameplay. I’ll just stop right there. So happy to see there are people who value this game!

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    1. I also love FFXII 😀 I actually got the new remaster as an Xmas present but haven’t got round to starting it 😛 Amazing game though. Such a vibrant immersive world with atmosphere and music and great fun mechanics.

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    1. I also loved Persona 4 and to be honest I’ve been feeling more and more nostalgic regarding the game I will replay it in the near future xD Persona 5 just blew me away while Persona 3 was my introduction to the shin megami tensei games so that’s why I prefer it! However I do think that Persona 4 is a stronger game especially regarding the dungeon crawling where Persona 3 was always the same and if you are not a crazy grinder like myself you will feel a little bored. However, I liked Persona 3 story more! xD

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  2. I know Zodiac Age is supposed to correct this, but FFXII is like the least FF I’d ever want to play again. It’s. So. Slow. And. Takes. Forever. To. Go. Anywhere. It’s not a bad game per se, but the original felt every bit as long as the 100+ hours it took to do everything. Unlike, say, FFVII, where I can just kick back and have fun with the Materia system.

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    1. I understand your point, although that with the immersive world I didn’t really had any problem with wasting my time exploring and travelling 😛 I really loved the environment and the music so I was always having fun! However, with ability of fast forwarding the game with the zodiac age you really end up having that problem if you are not a grindy and exproring type of player like me xD You can just cross the maps really quickly. However, in final fantasy XII was really easy to get teleport stones and the moment you got to the place the story sent you it would be really quick to move one place to another. But let’s say, I didn’t kill Yazmat in Final Fantasy XII because of the time it took, while in the zodiac age I was able to kill him using fast forward. Well, FFVII IS my favorite game of all time so everything good you say about it I approve! 😀

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      1. A lot of my annoyance was backtracking to get everything — redoing the Giruvegan to get Ultima, chaining the one single snake to get Tournesol ingredients, making sure not to open certain chests, etc. Again, Zodiac Age fixes a lot of things, but the original just feels like more picky work than most FFs.

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  3. I just started playing game something else than game developed by Nintendo, but I have to say that I’m really enjoyed Fatal Bullet so far.
    As for Nintendo game Pokemon is at the top of my list closely followed by Zelda.

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    1. Fatal Bullet is in my want to play games but still didn’t have the chance to >..< I know…. One of the best games out there everyone loves them but I just don't seem to get interested enough… Maybe because its gameplay is action based? Only a year or so I started liking those, so maybe I should give it another try xP


  4. Persona 3! I’m currently playing it and I’m still at November. Everything is getting more and more interesting.
    Great list, by the way. It looks like you really like RPGs, huh?

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  5. I’m very surprised and glad that first Mafia is placed in your top list. Mafia was masterpiece at that time. I’m proud of developers from my country – Czech Republic. 🙂

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    1. Mafia is without a doubt a masterpiece! The epic ost, the intriguing and great story to the awesome characters! It’s a shame they ended up being shadowed by gta because inside that genre mafia is way better (and yeah I played both xP)


  6. Impressive seeing some one else’s top games and finding four in common! Excellent list. A shame some of the games you mentioned I didn’t get to play or finish.
    Warcraft 3 was great but I have already played so much of Warcraft 2 I was still burned out when 3 came around and I only played 1 campaign. It was still great but I ended up not playing further.

    As for your top spot can you believe I also had FFVII for years and it just got topped by Persona 5? They are both such excellent games it’s really hard to choose.
    Honestly, your list is so good I could right a blog page about it 😉

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    1. 4 in common? I see you are a person of taste too then my friend! Just kidding xD

      Yeah I can understand that, I didn’t play Warcraft 2 so it was my introduction to the series! But let me tell you that regarding the story the game is really well developed 😀 and it’s one of those games that you can even play today eheh

      Really? Ahahah again, a person with taste! You are already my friend! XD Yeah, to be honest any of the TOP3 could be number 1 ahah But Final Fantasy VII was my introduction to my favorite game genre, RPG, so I think I will always pick it as number one! XD

      Loool thank you so much for that sweet comment! I think it is the first time someone says that to me! Just made my day eheh 😉

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  7. Great list! Persona 3 or 4 (can’t choose between them) is definitely in my top 10, as is Dragon Age Origins and Final Fantasy X.

    I played Persona 5 when it came out and it didn’t work for me. There’s nothing I can point to that explains why I didn’t like it, and on a technical level, I realize it’s a masterpiece, but I felt so disappointed by the experience. I’ve never been so sad to admit to disliking a game (especially since I think I may be the only one who didn’t like it).

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    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Ooooh that’s a bummer :/ I really see Persona 5 as the evolution of Persona 3 and Persona 4 into a masterpiece! I think that everything works out! I can say thought that the story is not as great as in Persona 3,.. It’s a shame that it didn’t work for you 😦


  8. Final Fantasy 7 is my favorite game. I would love to play a version that is translated more accurately, since now I feel like the original was confusing and a little inaccurate. Such a great game!

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