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The Start of My TOP10 Videogames

Hi guys and welcome to my place! 🙂

Well, If I did it for anime I had to do it for videogames too! (Again… owo! such originality)!!

My 10th favourite game has to be Mafia!


Why? First of all the music!!! The music is so good, It’s a masterpiece! Just listen to the main theme (need to be by youtube link because to link only the audio you need to pay the premium version and Ain’t nobody got money for that!):

Oh the memories… For the ones who never heard about Mafia it’s like a GTA but in 1930’s . The story is also excelent, it’s like seeing a movie where you control the lead character. It starts with Tommy Angelo (the main character) as a taxi driver and by a shortcome of events he ends up helping two guys from the Mafia running away. He gets paid for that and when he opens the envelope it has more money than he would get in a year (I think it was a year can’t remeber very well) and decides to enter the Mafia.

You start in the lowest step of the Mafia ladder just doing jobs as a driver, but quickly you start growing up inside the association (would you call it like that? I dunno!) and the story starts to get more complex… A mafia war that opens between families (That’s the name!), the dry law, killing people who said or saw too much, you can start to feel the like. All this with the posibility to drive the band new cars from the 1930’s which let me tell you… Are gorgeous!

Basically you mix an epic story, a masterpiece music, voiceovers done right (there are some actors from “The Sopranos” who play a role in there) and a game with a lot of action and good gameplay and you get to be in my TOP10 (I’m sure that was the deelopers objective when they design this masterpiece! ;))

If you never played Mafia I strongly advise you to it, the game aged really well and even though the graphics are not top notch at the present they are good enough for you to play it without cringing to it. The game is avaiable for PC (the one I played and recommend), PS2 and Xbox.

Do you also agree that was an epic game? Which games inside the genre did you like and recommend to try? Comment below 🙂

See ya soon! 🙂

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