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The Good (And The Bad) About KPop | Part 1 : The Good

Hi everyone and welcome to our place!

So, today my post is a little late than usual! Sorry, I would love to tell you that it was because I had a busy day, but in fact it’s a holiday and I just bought the PS Plus yesterday… So basically I’ve been playing Last of Us multiplayer all day ahah

Last friday I thought to myself “This Saturday I’m just gonna chill and play Lost Sphear”. Well, I woke up in the next day and I had the music “Electric Shot” from the JPop girl band f(x) and I was amazed with my brain! I haven’t listened to that music in more than a year and there I was, seconds after waking up, still in bed with the chorus in my head. Of course the first thing I did was grab my phone, open Youtube and listen to the music. Just to get it out my system 😀

However, waking up with that music just made me have an array of thoughts that will culminate in this post. For you to understand I’ve been hearing Kpop all this week at work. I’m completely a beginner what it comes to Kpop, but well, I just go to youtube search for Kpop music and pick the first playlist it appears. I do have favorite groups though! For the boys part is Super Junior and for the girls is 2NE1.

Kpop at this moment had a global boom, especially because of BTS performance in MTV Music Awards. I mean, even in Portugal BTS was trending for months! However, I’ve known Kpop since my teens, so basically more or less a decade ago (yes I am old!). So, I though… Why not give my 2 cents about Kpop? It’s not like I’m a pro or something like that, we have people here in WordPress who can even do reviews of MVs from them, something that completely blows my mind! One of those awesome people is Chizu-bro. If you are not following her you know what to do!

kpop review thinking about you.gif

But, ok, let me start with this! I’ll be giving you the positive and negative about the Kpop genre, it will be like first impressions since I don’t really don’t know that much about it! I will also compare it to American Pop sometimes. Not going with European Pop, because well… Although normally in the world people pu Europe all together we are made of too many countries and too distinct cultures. So Pop from Portugal is completely different form Pop in France, England, Russia… Well, I think you understand my point! 😀 This will be a post with 2 parts, so next week expect me to talk about the negative side of Kpop and today the Positive side 😀

The Positive

Crazy Visuals

kpop review visuals.gif

Something that everyone first comments when viewing a MV from KPop bands are the nice and crazy visuals! The production that is put into the MVs are just over the top and it’s just a delicacy to your eyes! From the nice, cool and edgy clothes to the lighting, to the environment surrounding it, to the change of colors (most normal is between black and white) when the group is doing their dance bit. Everything is made perfectly and even if you are watching it without music the visuals are enough to entertain you!

The Music is Fun

I’ve said this before. Although I like all kind of genres in music I’m in a phase where I prefer to hear music that doesn’t make me think and just makes me want to dance and pumps me up! The reason is easy! I’m in a happy place right now and I don’t really put myself into a sad stasis while listening to more depressing musics. Other thing is that it really helps to make you feel more energetic and want to do stuff.

However, you can also find this in American Pop, so the positive thing is that the Kpop music is way more into the fun side than the sexual part. Let’s face, even though I love American Pop and I listen a lot to it, most of the musics are for the sexual part. I mean sex sells… If you are in the right country. So, it’s nice to hear some music and see some MVs that are just fun and not sexualized.

Having Easy & Catchy Dancing Steps

kpop review mr simple dance.gif
I just can’t listen to this music without doing this dance move!!!!

I mean come on! Who doesn’t like to do the dance moves when listening to Kpop music! The first world phenomenon was the Gangman Style dance moves! However, every Kpop MV normally has a part with some more easy and catchy dancing steps so you can do it! I just love doing the dance steps from Mr. Simple by the Super Junior while singing it and I just feel part of their band! This is really a cool concept and that makes the experience even more fun!

There are a Lot of People In the Band but All Get Their Screen Time

kpop review gee girls generation.gif
With that many girls is guaranteed that you at least will relate with one!

Something that American Bands failed to do and Kpop does correctly. Yes, I’m looking at you Destiny Child, Pussycat Dolls and so on. Normally in American Pop bands you always have one singer that is way better than all the others. That said singer will have to carry all the other singers in their back and will receive always the most important parts of a music and more screen time.

In korean bands I don’t really feel like that. There is almost always like a band captain that is easy to notice. However, each singer has their screen time and their time to shine. I think that is just great and really well thought.

More than that, every singer is completely different from the others normally. BAsically it’s the same they do with Anime with a lot of characters. If you went to a concert and every each of them were similar to each other you wouldn’t know who is who. More than that it let’s people to find themselves attached to different singers of the group, which is really cool.

kpop review 2ne1 im the best.gif

And that’s it for today! What do you think about Kpop? And what are the main points that make you like it? You can also tell us what you deslike about it, but next week you will have a post just for that 😛

kpop review cute.gif

See You Soon! 😀

22 thoughts on “The Good (And The Bad) About KPop | Part 1 : The Good”

  1. Naah I don’t really review em, I just share what I listen to. Lol
    And say what? Easy dance steps?? True for others but with the groups I follow, I’d be hard pressed to call it easy 😆

    I love how kpop is bringing people together fr all over the world, I meet fellow fans who turn out to be such sweet and awesome people!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. loool well, I have seen some posts that seem a review to me ahah

      Well, yeah maybe ahah I also listen to “old” kpop so that’s why the dance steps are easier?

      Ahahah yeah that’s true! 😀 It’s always nice to find those kind of communities xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really don’t know much about kpop at all, but my brother recommended Nine Muses, and I really enjoyed them. And I enjoyed the differences between kpop and American pop as you described them here.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I don’t really listen to K-pop, but I have listened to those slow romantic-type K-songs which I prefer over the fast poppy ones. And just like J-songs or Eng-songs etc, I don’t watch the MVs as I focus on the quality and aesthetics of the tune/lyrics (XD) so I can’t relate to that, but I do know my friends all do.

    Are you gonna do K-drama next? (Or have you already done it? :P)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. looool Yeah, when I watch the MVs is because of the visuals not the music, but normally I just watch them once xD

      Nope… Maybe I should start watching K-drama and do a similar post xD Thanks for the idea!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I swear, I only watch Kpop videos but not really a fan of the music. I don’t just mean girls, lol. I also like the oys dancing and acting like girls, xD I also love reading the subs, being overwhelmed by all the K and G in the songs and then shocked that the lyrics is already over.
    But I do agree, the dance steps are inspired. My students love Kpop for the dance steps.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. loool I’ve only noticed that after the post came out but Kpop does have a lot of mean girls doesn’t it?

      Ahah that’s one of the best things! The guys all seem so cute and perfect (make-up and plastic ciurgy of course, but still…)

      All thr K and G? xD Didn’t understand that! 😛

      The dance steps are really cute and easy to do xD I really love to do the steps while listening to the song eheh

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kpop… I could talk about how much I love it all day, every day! You have great taste, and you seem to be a fan of the OG Kpop groups! I love SuJu too!

    Liked by 2 people

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